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Mugsy The Cute Germ - Large

Mugsy The Cute Germ - Large

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Mugsy was my brainchild of making sick children giggle. I created an illustration of a "germ" years ago to show sick children in the hospital what was making them ill. To help their fright, I made the illustration cute and funny and my illustration made many of them giggle and smile.  I explained how the doctors and nurses were going to "capture" their germ and give it back to them as a loving toy so that they could hold it and not be afraid. It was so roundly received that "Mugsy" became an instant hit. Back then, he was just a drawing inside a safe frame. Now he's a dimensional stuffed toy. Not a monster, but a silly germ and one that can be held without fear.

  • Design fits the 8x8 hoop size.
  • Machine formats included: JEF, PES, VP3, EXP, DST
  • Color chart in PDF format included.
  • Instructions in PDF format included to carry you through to the end of the project.
  • "Mugsy" is made completely inside your hoop using 2 hoopings. One for feet and one for body. He is finished by stuffing and hand sewing closed.
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