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Coat of Many Colors 6x6

$ 1.00 

Joseph's Coat of Many Colors...

Joseph was a prophetic “type” of our Messiah Jesus, and his coat given to him by his Father Jacob is symbolic of the Heavenly Father giving our Messiah “the nations for an inheritance” (Psalms 2:8). 

The coat of many colors symbolizes the various colors of the flags of the nations and it represents the skin colors of the people of these nations. It also symbolizes “covenant” because, in Genesis 9:13, God set the rainbow in the sky as a sign to Noah and the inhabitants of the earth, of his “seven covenants” which are all “everlasting covenants.” 

There are seven colors in a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Each Millennium from Creation represents one of these colors for each Millennium. The rainbow will be completed when our Messiah returns and fulfills the Sabbath Millennium for 1,000 years, taking us to the 7th color in the rainbow! 

My design is a reflection of Jesus in the "Coat of Many Colors" design.

  • Single design fits the 6x6 hoop size or larger
  • Machine formats included: DST, EXP, PES, HUS, JEF, VIP, VP3, XXX
  • Color chart included!