Tips For Site Use

Here are some very important TIPS regarding my web sites:
Account History
Accounts are mandatory at Pixies Rule! and Urban Stitch Press. This is so I can find your phone number and address for door prizes! This is also where all of your purchases are listed by their invoice. You may check this account area AFTER you LOGIN and land on that page. ALL of the purchases from December 2015 FORWARD are listed there. Previous to this date, you have to write for your history and I will send you a USB with all of your files. There is a $25 charge for this service.
Downloads are AUTOMATED. Stay on the site and download immediately after payment and/or use the download link inside your email receipt. As in the above section "Account History", you may also LOGIN later, select the pertinent invoice number, open it and DOWNLOAD your purchase again.
Product Files
All purchases of my downloaded items are ZIP files. You must extract the ZIP file before you keep it to your directory. My files are SAFE and Encrypted during transfer. They hold ZERO malware. If you get a malware flag? Check your computers. It could be the setting of your security is set TOO HIGH.
*REMEMBER! - You are purchasing an electronic file. There is NO REFUNDS ON AIR.
Machine Operation
Issues with your machine are not within the scope of services provided by Pixies Rule!. It is my duty to provide you with the art you have purchased, to ensure it fits your hoop, to ensure it delivers to your email INBOX. IT IS NOT MY JOB to troubleshoot your computers, sewing, embroidery, serger or various other machines in your sewing room. That is the job of the dealers you purchased your machines from.
I WILL NOT answer emails that require me to troubleshoot your embroidery machines. Join our Kitty Kitty Designs Group on Facebook. Post inside the Group and ask others for help. We are a very talented bunch of individuals.
Wish List
The Wish List is necessary for you to keep future purchases in. IF you use the Shopping cart? YOU WILL RECEIVE EMAILS REMINDING YOU THE CART IS FULL AND WAITING. Please do NOT write to me complaining about Emails YOU GENERATE when you use the cart as a storage place. This is what the Wish List is for. It holds your future purchases for you. You simply move them from the Wish List to the cart.
My working hours, no matter where you live on the planet, are Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., US CENTRAL TIME.